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Introduction to the enterprise

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    Fujian province shaowu calderon machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a powder processing equipment research and development,Design,The production of professional enterprise。Has a complete set of advanced production equipment,Rich experience in production,Strong technical force perfect detection means,Complete quality guarantee system。New research and development of the companyDL-MFJ-4GAnd wood powder machineMFJ-6GPowder grinding mill is set,Powder conveying,The material for the integration of high quality equipment operation。Its characteristic is fully enclosed,No leakage,Environmental protection,Energy saving。Similar wood powder in the domestic market at present......

The detailed information

Product introduction

  • Bake Dry MachineImprove equipment performance。Totally enclosed,No leakage,Environmental protection,Energy savingReal images
  • System C MachineHigh quality materials。Large output,Stable performance,Effective energy saving,Safe operation。Good cost performance。 Real images
  • CrusherReal images
  • Company documentsReal images
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Quality assurance

    Fujian province shaowu calderon machinery manufacturing co., LTD,In good faith for this,Mutual benefit and win-win results,The principle of quality assurance for the general customer service。We promise:To ensure that the mechanical manufacturing quality,Perfect after-sales service。

  1.Strong technical force:

  2.Perfect detection means:Engaged in machinery manufacturing40Years of experience。

  3.Advanced production equipment:The introduction of foreign technology,

  4.Professional technical team:12Senior mechanical engineer。

  5.Abundant capital strength:Achievement20In quality。

Detailed instructions
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Calderon mechanical contact phone number - 0599-6305588 + 13950617988   Fax:- 0599-6302885

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